’How do I get my cover?

Custom Fit Buttonless Tonneaus

Discuss your requirements with your local fabricator to create the perfect solution!
’How do I get my cover?

Vintage vechicles custom tonneau system

Custom Fit Tonneaus

With the Slikfit custom tonneau system, the possiblities are endless. Our system can be custom made and fitted to suit any style or make of vehicle. Rollbars and custom set-ups are not an issue as the Slikfit system creates an exact fit every time.

Custom fit tonneau_system

Made & Fitted in Australia

At Slikfit Buttonless Tonneau Systems we believe in Australia. All our products are made and fitted in Australia, all while using and supporting local business. This is comforting to know that your local tradesperson can create the perfect solution for you.

Custom fit tonneau buttonless system

Loaded with Options

The great thing about our custom tonneau system is the endless options. You the can decide on the look of your final product as we don’t believe in the limitations of mass production. You can choose the final product’s  colours and finishes, to create a purely one-of-a-kind tonneau.

Why Choose Our System?

  • We can custom fit any make or model vehicle, perfect for vintage and classic utes.
  • Rollbars and custom size trays are NOT an issue, great for the tradesman’s workute.
  • Our buttonless tonneau system is the perfect solution for plastic tray liners and spray-on liners.
  • We believe in supporting and working with local tradesman for a professional finish. Our product is made and fitted in Australia.
  • Our product is flexible in it’s options to truly create a custom finished product.
  • The possibilities are endless as you can choose the components colours and finishes.


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